• Analog and Studio Quality Programmable
  • Store Your Sounds in 8 Custom Presets
  • Organize Your Sounds in 6 User Banks
  • FW Balanced Cable Link Mode:
    Total Control on Your Sounds with just a stereo cable.
    NO MIDI Controller needed.
  • Endless Tones Possibilities with 3 Pedals
  • True Bypass
  • Compact Die Cast Aluminium Boxes
  • High Quality Effects with reasonable prices
  • Real Sounds for Real Musicians


Audio / Videos






Sound Clip

Signal Path:
Telecaster => FW Effects => Fender Blues Deluxe


Flex Waves Pedals OverviewClassic Sounds For Modern Guitarists - Innovation & High Quality

The classic old school analog sound is much warmer, more organic and more reponsive than DSP digital emulation of it.
Even with the improvements in digital technology, digital tends to produce more artifacts sounds and latency can still be felt and it distracting while you're playing.


Most guitar players know that analog circuits sound far superior to digital ones preferring them in studio and during live performances, but the control options that the digital domain brings are too convenient to ignore.








Flex Waves Technology

Flex Waves pedals gives you the great Classic Analog Sound with true bypass, digitally controlled.


Now you can CREATE your favourite classic sounds,STORE them in Presets,ORGANIZE them in Banks and recall your sounds in a glance.


FW Balanced Cable Link Mode

Connect the Flex Waves pedals with just a stereo/balanced audio cable, press the first Stomp Switch of the chain and it will control all the Preset Sounds of all the FW effects linked, like having a pedalboard.


Total Control on your sounds without MIDI or any other controllers.


With just 3 pedals you can CREATE, STORE and RECALL all "those" good sounds you need for live performances, recording or rehearsals.

Demo Video

Gear Used: Flex Waves FW-DOD+FW-EQ7+FW-DLC + Fender Deluxe Amp + Fender Stratocaster
Recording: AKG 414 Mic into Avid PC Soundcard
Demo played by Roberto Formignani