• Analog Programmable Overdrive
  • 3 knobs control for bluesy/crunch tones to high-gain distortion
  • 8 Custom Presets
  • 6 User Banks
  • True Bypass
  • FW Balanced Cable Link Mode:
    Total Control on Your Sounds wth just a
    stereo cable.
    NO MIDI Controller needed.
  • Compact Die Cast Aluminium Boxes
  • Made in Italy




Sound Clips

Signal Path:
Telecaster/Stratocaster/Les Paul => Flex Disto => Fender Blues Deluxe
  • Lead Tone:
    few drive, volume up and Stratocaster
  • Slide Tone:
    Bypassed, then high drive and Les Paul
  • Crunch Sound / Hard Rock:
    Bypassed, then Rhythm Eq added
  • Test response dynamics:
    FW-DOD and Telecaster: use the guitar volume to clean up the sound
  • Hard Rock/ Metal EQ:
    FW-DOD ON and FW-EQ7 Bypassed, then Metal Eq added
  • FW-DOD as Overdrive:
    Bypassed, then OD added with Telecaster
  • LINK Mode Demo:


FW-DOD Flex DistoProgrammable ANALOG Distortion Guitar Pedal



The FW-DOD Flex Disto is 100% ANALOG Tone Distortion/Overdrive, digitally controllable. You CREATE your sounds, you STORE them and you RECALL them whenever you want in a glance.

It brings you the tones from clean boost, crunch sounds to high gain and heavy distortion, all with just 3 knobs.

The pedal can be used as a pre-amp to push the amp or to fine tune a low distortion sound. On high gain distortion, it is perfect for British distortion sounds.


The great classic analog sound will blow you and now will not more loose "that" sound you spent time creating, but you can store it forever, resulting in more confidence while you're playing, total control on tone shaping.

It's like having two or more effects in one.

Presets and Banks

With Flex Waves technology, you Create your Sounds, you can Store them in Preset and you can Organize them in Banks.

Finally with 8 recallable presets and 6 Banks, the Flex- Disto allows to use of all the different tones you have meticulously crafted.

Recalling them is easy and done on the fly, so you have all Your Tones instantly/suddenly available for your gigs, recording sessions, practice etc.


No more tapes on the knobs!!



FW Balanced Cable Link Mode
- Total Control on Your Sounds with just a Stereo Cable -

Link in chain the Flex Waves effects with a stereo audio cable and Press the Stomp switch of the first pedal, you will have total control on the tones/presets of all Flex Waves pedals.

In Link Mode, the first pedal of the chain becomes the Master and it controls all the other FW pedals, when you press its stomp button it will change the preset on all effects, giving you endless sound possibilities on the fly in a very practice way.


No MIDI or other controllers are needed!


True Bypass

The Flex-Disto is true bypass which means no sucking of your precious tone when the pedal is off.


Demo Video

Gear Used: Flex Waves FW-DOD + Fender Deluxe Amp + Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul
Recording: AKG 414 Mic into Avid PC Soundcard
Demo played by Roberto Formignani