• 192 KHz 24 Bit
  • Up to 2800 ms delay time
  • Tap Tempo
  • 8 Custom Presets & 6 Banks
  • Modulated Delay & Reverse
  • Chorus & 11 Seconds Looper
  • True Bypass
  • FW Balanced Cable Link Mode:
    Total Control on Your Sounds wth just a
    stereo cable.
    NO MIDI Controller needed.
  • Compact Die Cast Aluminium Boxes
  • Made in Italy
Audio / Videos





Sound Clips

Signal Path:
Telecaster => FW Effects => Fender Blues Deluxe
NOTE: More specific clips soon available
  • LINK Mode Demo:
  • Mid Cut / Pedal Steel Country Sound:
    FW-EQ7 and FW-DLC Bypassed, then Mid Cut Eq added

FW-DLC Flex Delay192 KHz 24 Bit - Programmable Studio Quality Delay Guitar Pedal


The FW-DLC Flex Delay is a digital delay pedal with pro studio quality: 192 KHz Sample Rate and 24 Bit Resolution.

We developed the effect with a new technology approach without using a DSP to preserve the natural feeling of the playing and your precious guitar sound.

It brings you very analog, natural sound and warm tube sounding with the option to store up to 8 presets, organize them in banks and recalling on the fly.


Up to 2800ms delay time can be set with Delay knob or using your most important asset: your foot to Tap the Tempo on Tap button.

Three different types of modulation can be applied to the delay repeatitions (normal amplitude modulation, fast ampl.modulation and chorus) and others features include Chorus, Reverse and 11 Seconds Looper.

Presets and Banks

With Flex Waves technology, you CREATE your Sounds, you can STORE them in Preset and you can ORGANIZE them in Banks.

Finally with 8 recallable presets and 6 Banks, the Flex-Delay allows to use of all the different tones you have meticulously crafted.

Recalling them is easy and done on the fly, so you have all Your Tones instantly/suddenly available for your gigs, recording sessions, practice etc.


No more tapes on the knobs!!



FW Balanced Cable Link Mode
- Total Control on Your Sounds with just a Stereo Cable -

Link in chain the Flex Waves effects with a stereo audio cable and Press the Stomp switch of the first pedal, you will have total control on the tones/presets of all Flex Waves pedals.

In Link Mode, the first pedal of the chain becomes the Master and it controls all the other FW pedals, when you press its stomp button it will change the preset on all effects, giving you endless sound possibilities on the fly in a very practice way.


No MIDI or other controllers are needed!


True Bypass

The Flex-Delay is true bypass which means no sucking of your precious tone when the pedal is off.


FW-DLC Flex Delay - Demo Video Soon AvailableFW-DLC + Fender Deluxe + Fender Telecaster. MIC = Panasonic Video Camera Microphone