How It All Started
Flex Waves is a startup company founded on 2010 that was born from passion of music and high skills in electronics design.
Few years ago our goal was to design and develop an innovative guitar pedal: we wanted the good old analog sound inside a new pedal that could offer to the player modern features like Presets, Banks and inter pedals communication.
We were tired of those tapes that musicians put on the pedal knobs to remember their positions, we were tired of expensive and big MIDI controllers to recall pedals sounds....we were tired of DSP sound emulation technology.
About Flex Waves
We founded Flex Waves because we believe in Real Tones, in Innovation and in Music.
We are a small boutique company, our pedals are designed and made in Italy. We want to experiment and try new solutions.
We would like to thanks all people that believe in us, we make each pedal with the same passion that musicians have for music.