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New HQ Videos and Sound Clips - August 2012

Check the Flex-Disto and Flex-EQ7 product pages to watch the new videos and listen the latest sound clips. Link Mode demo here.

Reviews: Premier Guitar - Gilmourish - Guitare Extreme (France) - Laster (Italy)

Analog VS DigitalClassic Sounds for Modern Musicians

The classic old school analog sound is much warmer, more organic and more reponsive than DSP digital emulation of it.


Most guitar players know that analog circuits sound far superior to digital ones, but the control options that the digital domain brings are too convenient to ignore.


FlexWaves PedalsThe Best of Both Worlds

FlexWaves ANALOG PROGRAMMABLE pedals gives you the great Classic ANALOG SOUND with true bypass, digitally controlled.

CREATE your favourite classic sounds,STORE them in Presets,ORGANIZE them in Banks and RECALL your sounds in a glance.


No more tapes to sign your knob position!


Total Control on Your SoundsNO MIDI. Just a Stereo Cable

Connect the Flex Waves pedals by just a Stereo/Balanced audio cable, press the Stomp Switch of the first pedal of the chain: it will control the sounds of all FW pedals linked, giving you endless tones possibilities on the fly in a very practice way.

Total Control on your sounds without MIDI or any other controllers.